About Us

Rens van Mierlo

Rens van Mierlo | Photographer

The way I can combine photography and being the creator 
of Zero40 Studios is just like a dream come true.
Making high quality material with a great team,...
Who wouldn't like to put their name on it!
Email: Rens@zero40.nl

Gijs Kooijmans

Gijs Kooijmans | Photographer/Editor

Email: Gijs@zero40.nl

Sofie van Hout

Sofie van Hout | Photographer
. Email: sofie@zero40.nl

Bart Roos

I've been a digital artist for many years now,
done a lot of retouches, but every new image 
I make is a new challenge to perfection.

Email: bart@zero40.nl

Monique van Bokhoven de Wit

Controller Email: monique@zero40.nl
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